Main Characters

          SA = soul age in years

  • MAC - Male, age 17, GPa 4.0.  6'2", He is bright, handsome, and confident. Parents are both doctors, one sister 18 months younger than MAC, SA 900
  • Cody - MAC's best friend since the age of 5. Male, age 17, GPA 3.8, 6'0", Inquisitive, average looking,  No siblings SA 700-800
  • Phillip Cottrell MAC's Father  Age 48, 6'5, Top rated Heart Surgeon, SA 300
  • Claudine Cottrell MAC's mother age 47, 5'10", Author of Medical text books, Co-author with daughter cathy book series "creative cathy"  SA unknown

Soul Travel

        The Author

A Book About life        

       "Betsy Whaley-Dyson

Betsy began seeing the future when she was 10, which is not uncommon for children, but the visions continued throughout life. Now at 60 she has decided to write "Soul Travel" through her visions and the adventures of MAC.

The Story.

MAC asks God:

God why don’t you gather your people? You heal and answer prayers for us.”

“MAC, I do neither.”

 “but…”  MAC was shocked,

“MAC we placed the souls on earth to grow...

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Soul travel

The Why