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Soul Travel

A book about life       

MAC is confused by visions he has seen as long as he can remember. At 10 years old MAC becomes angry, with himself,  when he sees his Mother collapse in a vision and he doesn’t tell her, later that day he returns home to find out she died. Now at 17 MAC meets Don and Sheila Jones. Don and Sheila are retired doctors with a hobby of studying OBE’s Out of Body Experiences, and the soul. They help MAC understand who he is, and why he sees the things he does. MAC learns he has one of the eldest souls on the planet. Once MAC knows why he has these visions God speaks to him: MAC I have chosen you to reclaim my people for me.

MAC: I see things and know things no one else knows, but God speaking directly to me?”                                                                               

  •  “God has waged war Barc. He has chosen his players, and we must stop them!" Satan
  • “Have you had any of those weird feelings or visions lately?” Cathy Cotttrell (Mac's younger sister)
  • we are born and we die, in between we fight to save lives. How did this all come to be? Phillip Cottrell (MAC's Father)
  • It is through worship we find strength. It is through fighting we lose our way. MAC Cottrell


A Book About life        

    What Happens?


When there is a war between God and Satan?

When all hell breaks loose?

When our lives are hinging on a 17 year old boy?

When the line of believing in a spiritual power is defined and you have no choice, but to pick a side.

----Soul Travel!